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MQX 4.0/3.8/3.7 USB CDC virtual_com example not working on Kwikstik board

Question asked by Mejdoub Mohamed Nour on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by CarlosCasillas


I want to establish a serial communication between the Kwikstik board and a host PC that runs windows 7/ 32 bit over USB port (after specifying the fsl_ucwxp.inf file within the MQX usb stack directory ), so I am using the virtual_com example from the MQX usb device example. So far I have been able to send data from PC to the board through the terminal window application (PE terminal)advanced serial monitor or other terminals, but as the application is meant to do an echo  behavior, nothing shows up on the terminal even that while debugging every thing looks like working just fine:


* the board receives the right sequence of sent data (only when using dvanced serial monitor terminal)

* USB_Class_CDC_Send_Data() just return USB_OK, but USB_APP_SEND_COMPLETE event doesn't show up.

* while examining the BDT in RAM: looks it does contain the right data and buffers pointers associated to the endpoint 

* USB_Class_Send_Data() call does not occur because (producer - consumer) never reach 1. (in my case trying to send several bytes to the board)

* USB0 registers USB0_FRMNUML and USB0_FRMNUMH arre continuously changing value while debugging the send sequence of USB_Class_CDC_Send_Data(). 


I have compiled the MQX libraries with not modification of the user_config.h file


Is there any additional specific hardware initialization that should be done before compiling the bsp library (like adding the usb component)? Or am I missing some mqx usb stack feature.



Is anybody facing the same problem with MQX usb stack? I need some insight please?