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Can Sampler For MPC56XX

Question asked by thangabala shanmugavel on Mar 11, 2014


We are using MPC5607B Micro controller and configured CAN Sampler to wake up over CAN but wake up interrupt is not generated.


we are using TJA1043 can transceiver, circuit connection details and code is attached below:


Details of code:


1. Configured wake up unit and CAN Sampler for 125kbps,

CAN Sampler bit enabled,MODE =1

(It should sample first frame), ACTIVE_CK =1(RC_CLK) and

CAN_RX_SE = 000(RX0(PB[0])


2.Initially we transmit one frame through Flexcan0 Module

from controller (just to confirm CAN configuration) with baud rate



3. Then on reception of the frame with id=6F we are putting the

CAN transceiver in stand-by mode and controller in STOP

Mode, .


4. Then try to transmit frame from canalyzer for wakeup the microcontroller

but i am getting error frame on canalyzer


I have attached my code and Can transceiver Cirucuit


Please guide me..


Thanks and Regards

Thangabala S

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