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iMX6qsabresd GPS driver for WEC

Question asked by Iker Pedrosa on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by sachu sanal

Hello everybody,


I´m trying to create a WEC driver for the GPS on the iMX6qsabresd board. The GPS used on that board is the Locosys AH-1613 and it works on both Linux and Android. For the moment I have created a simple driver that powers the GPS and sets the configuration to communicate with it: baud rate of 115200, 8 bits of data, 1 bit stop and no parity. The problem is that when the processor starts the communication the GPS answers using an unknown protocol. In the following image you can see part of the communication:


The upper line is the processor to GPS communication and the lower line is the GPS to processor. I know that the command is not complete but the GPS starts answering before it has finished so I think that it is enough.


As it is not working I´ve tried to see how it works in Android and I have a similar problem. I know that the command that I´m sending in the next image is the $PUNV,WAKEUP*2C because I´ve seen it using an Android application but I´m also unable to understand which is the protocol that it is using.



So, can anybody help me? Thanks in advance