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Testing PCIe, SPDIF and ESAI using IMX6 SDK

Question asked by Muhammad Hamza Farooq on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Muhammad Hamza Farooq

Hi all,


We are developing a testing infrastructure for testing our custom boards (somewhat similar to Sabre AI) in mass production. Our application is based around the drivers from SDK v1.1

I need to know the current situation of the drivers/tests implemented for PCIe, SPDIF and ESAI ports. Are they properly implemented and can be used for our purpose? Unfortunately, we do not have expertise for these ports at the moment so I am looking for community support.

Secondly, if these tests are possible, I would like to know what external hardware do we need to test these three peripherals on the Sabre AI board.