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May I program *.bin image file into QSPI with DS-5

Question asked by Mehmet Ali Ipin on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by Mehmet Ali Ipin

Dear Sir/Madam,




We have VF3x prototype PCB, which we use dual QSPI Flash for boot. I developed and debugged our code with DS-5 debugger. Then I integrated the "bootloader_vybrid_qspixip" project source files into my project, built the *.axf file, then generated both *.bin and *.c image files. The *.c image file is about 5 times bigger then our *.bin file.


I read some documents mentioning that the IAR accepts *.bin file to program the QSPI flashes. But in DS-5 we only program big *.c files. I could not find a document about if it is possible to dwonload the *.bin files into the internal RAM and then program them to the QSPI flashes.


Could you please help me if it is possible within DS-5, or with MFGToolkit?


Thanks and best regards.


Mehmet Ali Ipin