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P4080  U-boot flash using Lauterbach Trace32?

Question asked by sumanth mushigeri on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

Hello All,


Unfortunately, I have corrupted the preloaded U-boot flash memory.


Now, P4080 is not communicating over serial device and also the application loaded using Trace32 is not functioning.

Only thing I get whenever I try to access anything is "target reset".


I guess, I need to re-flash U-boot to the NOR memory.


Everyone here is using CW for reflashing, and unfortunately - I cannot use it.


Can I do  it via Lauterbach T32? and the serial communication devices ? If so, please let me know how do I restore to the previous state.

I have download the binary images from - SDKLINUX: Linux® SDK for QorIQ Processors.  (QorIQ Linux SDK v1.5 e500mc Images ISO). How do I proceed ? which binary should I load using the linker script and at what location ?


I just want U-boot to be back working.