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booting Freescale kernel on Embest imx6 marsboard

Question asked by Ben Hewson on Mar 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2015 by Jan Hieber

I have an imx6 marsboard by Embest - imx6 dual core cpu


This board comes with quite an old kernel (3.0.15) and and equally old uboot.

I have a new version of uboot now booting  (problems with ethernet ) based on the Wandboard and Boundry Nitrogen6x code with modifications for the Marsboard.

This will boot the old kernel.


I have checked out the freescale kernel from git and I am trying the 3.10.17 beta branch. I have added a fairly bare dts file for the Marsboard hopefully enabling the uart.

Going by the quad core imx6 boards, this is pulling in imx6q.dtsi & imx6qdl.dtsi. The kernel is built using the imx_v7_defconfig.

uboot is loading the kernel at 0x12000000 and the dtb file at 0x18000000 (this is what the Wandboard does).


I get a serial console message of "Starting kernel" and then everything appears to die.

I am not sure now, if it is because of the load addresses used, or a configuration problem with the kernel.

Has anyone else managed to get a more current version of the kernel running on the Marsboard, or have an suggestions I could try.