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Interrupt in Low power Mode (using LLWU pin as a interrupt pin)

Question asked by Amreen Sayyed on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by Kan_Li


I am working with freedom KL25Z for low power modes testing.

I have tested normal stop mode

In this mode controller goes into stop mode when i am giving interrupt it is getting out off stop mode and while loop is executing where i have toggled the LED.


Now I am trying VLLS3 mode in PEx_low_power_demo code given by you at the start of this thread.


I have made following 3 changes to that code as

1) at power on Green LED will Glow.

2) Before entering into VLLS mode turn off green and turn on Blue LED.

3) When Come out off VLLS3 mode turn off blue LED & RED LED will Toggle Continuously.


As per my understanding, before entering into VLLS we have to set PTD6  LLWU pin  for interrupt.

To do this, I set PTD6 as GPIO with interrupt disable, set PTD6 a input pin and then

enable and select the falling edge detect type for the external wake up input pin PTD6.


In  event "Cpu_OnLLSWakeUpINT", I set LPTMR access enable.

Also set  TCF,TEN,TIE bits in LPTMR0_CSR as LPTMR is enable.


I am considering that when I am giving falling edge at PTD6 the toggling of RED LED should work.

But the code is not coming out off VLLS3 As toggling of RED LED is not occurred & only BLUE LED is ON.


Is it right method to test VLLS3 mode?

I have also attached the code. Please suggest if there any modification require to it.




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