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Kinetis llwu fails with multiple wake-up triggers

Question asked by Roy Bunce on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by zhaohuiliu

I'm using a K60, spending most of its time in low-leakage wake-up mode. The wake-up event is triggered by an external device which sends a stream of pulses when the K60 should wake. The software is taken from the latest Freescale low power demo code.


If I send a single pulse it wakes correctly every time, but if I send a stream of pulses it fails every time. When it fails there is a small increase in current (a few mA), which confirms that the wake-up signal has been recognised, but there is no other detectable activity. The CPU hangs before it can output any debug messages, and the IAR IDE can't help because it loses sync during the llwu sleep.


I could modify the external device to send a single pulse, but I would prefer to understand what is going wrong. Any ideas would be appreciated.