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MK60DN512 vs MK60DN512Z MQX issue

Question asked by aroste on Mar 6, 2014
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(CW10.5, MQX4.0.2)


I cloned the BSP TWR-K60N512 for my project that use a MK60DN512VLQ10.


In the BSP tower project it is a MK60DN512Z (define PSP_CPU_MK60DN512Z). I tried to change in PE the processor type (add new and disable the Z) and I have some issues in MQX files. (I2S mainly)


Can someone help me to understand why a uC that should not be used for new design (the Z) is supported in MQX and not the current one?  

Or maybe I am missing something but at this point I loose my minds.  (I checked the reference manual and I can see the difference in the IO_Map.h correspond to the differences in the manual)


I will try now the clone a BSP from the twr-k60d100m now to see the difference.