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Does SYS_UUID7 & 8 exist in PT60?

Question asked by pgo on Mar 5, 2014

Hi All,


I have a 9s08PT60 (Mask 2N40C)

I am trying to use the SYS_UUIDx registers.  I can access the SYS_UUID1-6 registers registers OK but accessing SYS_UUID7-8 registers result in a trap.

Trying to look at those memory locations in the debugger also fails.

Using the USBDM TCL interface also indicates that those locations are unreadable to the debug interface.


It would appear that those register don't actually exist!


Has anyone tried using this feature in the PT60?




PS. May have answered my own question but appreciate confirmation:

Checking the chip markings it is labelled P9S08PT60 so it may be a pre-production chip.  The header file for the PT60 has a note saying the UUID7/8 registers where added in Reference Manual  Rev. 3 Draft A 12/2011.

I assumed this was a editing correction or did the registers only exist in later versions of the chip?