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CW 5.02 for powerPC - sections

Discussion created by Andrew Lohmann on Aug 16, 2007
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I have a linker file created for my projects. I wish to know which sections should be copied to ROM. At the present time all sections including .data and .bss are copied to ROM. Here is copy of my map output file, all of the sections below are copied to flash. The sections I need are .header .text and I guess some others for initialised variables.

 .header  00020000 00000048 00000120
            .text  00020100 00016ec8 00000170
          .rodata  00036fc8 00000340 00017038
            extab  00037308 00000000 00017378
       extabindex  00037308 00000000 00017378
            .data  00037308 00004748 00017378
           .sdata  0003ba50 00000184 0001bac0
            .sbss  0003bbd8 000000dc 0001bc48
          .sdata2  0003bcb4 00000000 0001bc48
           .sbss2  0003bcb4 00000000 0001bc48
             .bss  0003bcb8 0000c5d4 0001bc48
  .PPC.EMB.sdata0  0004828c 00000000 0001bc48
   .PPC.EMB.sbss0  0004828c 00000000 0001bc48