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3D models for TWR-K60F120M, elevators and TWR-SER

Question asked by Ian Wilson on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by vicentegomez

Hi all,

3D models (STEP preferred but others probably OK) for the TWR-K60F120M, TWR-SER and the primary and secondary TWR-ELEV boards would be wonderful if anyone can create them. I am assuming these might be able to be generated easily from the original source CAD files based on this thread:

TWR-56F8257 3D model?


We have bought 4 kits and probably will get a few more, but we need to integrate them into some interim/temporary hardware and the models would help a little in getting cable management and housing mounting details nice.


STEP or IGES is preferred but I can cope with at least some versions (maybe older, but not sure) of Solidworks, ProE, SolidEdge, plus others.


Many thanks,