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need help for M52233demo

Discussion created by ying zhu on Aug 16, 2007
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hi, my work is to predesign the MCU lab using assembly for undergraduate student. The development kit is MCUSLK and the application module is M52233DEMO board. There are three main difficulty for me now.
First, I installing the M52233DEMO application module in the MCU PORT connector and connect the 4 UART PIN from application module to PBMCUSLK. Power of both board are set to supplied by PBMCUSLK's USB. But when USB begin to supply power, the RST_LED light and keep /.......jiao(sounds from PBMCUSLK).From terminal window, it seems sending "spacing" at all time. When I turn on the ON/OFF switch on M52233, it begin to initialize and work ......zhengchang. Is there sth wrong with the power?
Second, the LED on PBMCUSLK is so light(an...) that hard to see. I test the voltage of LCD, it's 4.73,not reaching 5V. How can I deal with that. And is there some documents related to how to drive the LCD using coldfire microcontroller?
Third, because I have to programming by assembly, I add an ".s" file and define the main. Every runs well except variable define. For example,
     #define main _main
     .global _main
     .global main
     kk: .long 35

     move.l  #0,d6
     move.l kk,d3
When running, it stop by "Exception vector name: Illegal Instruction PC where the excption happened: 2004AC8" and the debug window is show as follow. Is the EFL assembly can not regonize this kind of define?
20004AC8: E8FE            dc.w     0xe8fe                  ; Invalid opcode
20004ACA: 7E79            moveq    #121,d7
20004ACC: FBE7E144        dc.w     0xfbe7                  ; Invalid opcode
20004AD0: B221            cmp.b    -(a1),d1
20004AD2: DBD7            adda.l   (a7),a5
20004AD4: 5247            addq.w   #1,d7
20004AD6: 93C6            suba.l   d6,a1
20004AD8: 1E76D2EC        move.b   (-20,a6,a5.w*2),a7
20004ADC: E177            roxl.w   d0,d7
20004ADE: 02E4            dc.w     0x02e4                  ; Invalid opcode
20004AE0: 47E4            lea      -(a4),a3
20004AE2: 39DC4F2F        move.w   (a4)+,#20271
20004AE6: C58D            exg      d2,a5
20004AE8: FE93CDD8        cp1ld.l   
   Thanks a lot