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K60N512D twr enet not receiving

Question asked by Ram b on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by Trilok JT


I am using twr-MK60N512D on IAR, i have my own enet drivers as well as Fnet 2.6.3 Shell project. But as of now, I am using fnet shell proj and trying to ping the ip configured on my k60 target to see if my test set up is fine, but even thats not happening.


I did all following  recommended jumper settings on my twr-ser and k60 card,

J2  Ethernet PHY Clock Select - 50 MHz

J3  CLOCKIN0 Driver Select    - Route 50 MHz clock to CLOCKIN0

J12 Ethernet PHY Config       - only Pull-up CONFIG0; RMII Select

For the K60: J6 Clock Input Source Select - Connect EXTAL to CLKIN0

I can see the ping transmit on the wireshark but the reply request is timing out. Am i missing something here??

Also I read this from uTasker, is this necessary?

You will need first to configure the PC’s NIC (Network Interface Card) that it should use for

mapping the Kinetis Ethernet controller to – do this in the “LAN” menu with “Select Working

NIC”. This setting will also be saved and thus needs only be entered once.

Then use the bat file, as described in the chapter “Ethernet”, to transfer the web pages to the

simulated device via FTP. After this has been done, connect to its IP address using a

standard browser and see the project in operation!

Please advise!!!