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imx6 - want to use debug serial port to communicate with other devices

Question asked by Rajeshwaran R on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by Rajeshwaran R

Hi All,


I am working on a custom imx6 SABRE-SD board in which UART3 is used for debug and same has to used to communicated with other with other devices.


Things I have tried so far.


used the existing configuration for UART3 as debug console port and, run the serial test application(mxc_uart_test.out) available free-scale ltib filesystem.application show write messages executed on console, however I find uart_read.txt empty.


now I disabled the debug console by removing 'console=ttymxc2' from boot argument and when the kernel is up,I find the ttymxc2 driver configured on telnet login, executing echo "Hello World" > /dev/ttymxc2,I found the imx6 system hangs and there is no communication possible between the PC and imx6 host.


I any one has solved the problem,kindly give your valuable suggestions.