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Tiled LCD display (dual LCD, or dual LVDS or dual LCD + dual LVDS) with tiled content

Question asked by varsmolta on Mar 3, 2014

According to the imx6D/Q reference manual:

(Sec 1.4 Features page 202)


• Five interfaces available. Total raw pixel rate of all interfaces is up to 532

Mpixels/sec, 24 bpp (266 Mpixels/sec per each IPU). Up to four interfaces may be active at once.

   Two Parallel 24-bit display ports - up to 220 Mpixels/sec each (e.g. WUXGA @ 60Hz), or dual HD1080 + WXGA @ 60Hz.

    LVDS serial ports: One port up to 165 Mpixels/sec or Two ports up to 85 MP/sec (e.g. WUXGA+ @ 60Hz) each


I would like to drive a tiled display (2x1 LCD, 2x1 LVDS or 2x2 (2 LCDs + 2 LVDS)) at the same time. The screens will be the same size (nominal 4.3" each). The analogy to this is a dual monitor (or more) in linux.

The difference is that if I'm playing a movie (or running an app), I want to be able to display one quarter of the movie (or app) in each of the four displays (for the 2x2 case). Is this possible in linux and/or android on the i.mx6?


This link talks about how to configure the XF86Config file for a 3x3 tiled display in linux.

I am looking for something similar with the i.mx6. With android, I will need to play with SurfaceFlinger I think?. Can anyone advise please?