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Failing Sabrelite *.elf file download in Custom Board using JTAG

Question asked by Anuj Singhvi on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by Yixing Kong



I've designed new board using i.MX6 Q CPU and reference has been taken from Sabrelite board.

There is only differences in DDR3 interface like Data Bus mapping.  I've used straight D0-D64 between i.MX6Q and DDR3 (Micron) Chip  MT41J128M16HA-15E.


I am using OCDemaon USB Wiggler hardware and OCD Commander (Software) for JTAG programming in Windows 7.   


I am getting error below:


"Memory Write Error : 0x27800000 - 27801000



I've tried DDR3 stress test at 400MHz and it was going till loop 9.  Then i just stopped it.


I am not sure where the exact problem is. 

It seems DDR3 is working but not sure.

Am i missing some hardware setting which should be done for fresh board?


Please let me know your views.