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Standalone flash mode causes reset when running after STOP only at 3.3V with MC9S08PA16

Question asked by Jonas Ketterle on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Jonas Ketterle

Dear Freescale Community,


When I program my MC9S08PA16 using “standalone flash mode”, and then power up at 3.3V, the MCU will reset when waking from a STOP instruction. This does not happen above 3.4V or below 3.2V, nor does it happen at any voltage in debug mode.


In my design, the MCU wakes from a STOP instruction using either an IRQ interrupt, an RTC interrupt, or a Keyboard interrupt. All show the same issue. I've ensured that the STOPE is set, enabling the STOP functionality. And when I print the reset message I receive an “illegal address” message.


Any thoughts? Thank you for your help.