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Decoding H264 video stream on imx6

Question asked by Yves Bard on Mar 1, 2014



     I need for my project to decode some HD video H264 ( 1920x1080 25 fps High Profile ) with an imx6Q. In theory the imx6q is said to be able to decode this kind of video. So with the ubuntu image 3.0.35-4.0.0 I was able to decode such a video with gstreamer, but I couldn't do the same with android. I use the mediacodec interface and I do a rendering to an OpenGL surface. I use one of the last saberlite image android 4.3 GA ( kindly obtain from boundary devices, thanks Mr Nelson ), and it's doesn't show the expected fps. I have succeeded to have just a 18 fps when I play my H264 video.

   So either the decoder parts don't do it's jobs in time or it's the stagefright layer which is not very efficient, or my code is not good. ( I hope it's the third cause, cause stage fright  is not user friendly and the first is hardware dependant ).

So is there a way to achieve such a decoding with android and with imx6 ? ( with the NDK perhaps ? ). The question is, is it worth the effort to try optimize my code ?

And what is the best way to decode some high profile video with android ?

So what's the biggest video size have you successfully decoded with the imx6 whit android (1920x1080 30 fps High profile ) ?


My goal is to receive an TS H264 stream and to decode it with android.





                                        Yves Bard



note : with yocto dora I have a strange multicast behavior. udpsrc didn't receive anything.