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(KL serial bootloader and userapp)how to modify scf file of userapplication in KEIL

Question asked by FU grace on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by FU grace

hI,everyone,I'm design an easy uart bootloader on KL14,the test bootloader has only jump code ,which is bellow:

  // relocate vector table


    // Jump to user application

   JumpToUserApplication((RELOCATED_VECTORS),(RELOCATED_VECTORS+4));//*(unsigned long*)   //*((unsigned long*)




  msr msp, r0

  msr psp, r0       

  mov pc, r1





but it almost never works. I said almost because once it works,it succeed in jumps to where my application locates and it works! but one day later,after some flash changing,

I can never make it work again.

SO now,I wonder if it's because my scf file which decides my code's  placement under KEIL.


I want to locate it in 0x10000,so I move the userapp's bin file entirely to this address.

Is it ok?or how should I modify it?


Really appreciate your help,I've worked for a whole week!