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MQX for K10DN512

Question asked by aroste on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by aroste

Hi all,


I saw a lot of messages about this subject, but some very old so no really answer yet for me.


I start a new project now with a board where we have the MK10DN512VLK10.  I want to use MQX, so I did a BSP clone of the K60D100M  but that doesn't work.  I use PE to change to uc from K60 to K10, create some components but then there is conflict with IO_Map.h.


I think I missed a step. I read that an application note should exist to explain how to do a BSP for K10.  But I didn't find.


Could someone give me the links or explain me the steps ?


I just finish (not really, still some work ;-) ) a project with a K60F120M, I cloned the BSP, used the PE all worked fine,  But for this K10 I stuck.







CW10.5, MQX4.0.2