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i.MX6 AES on CAAM performance data

Question asked by der hede on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2014 by Yuri Muhin



I tried to find some performance data for the Cryptographic Accelerator and Assurance Module (CAAM) in the i.MX6q. But I haven't found anything, neither in the Forums nor other Community things. (Which btw. seems very untransparent/obscure to me.)


As some suggested, there is such data, but it's not accessible by me, see [1], [2].


So I did some benchmarks by my self. I'm using a wandboard and activated CAAM support in the Linux Kernel, like discussed in [3] and more described in [4] and results posted in [5]. And my conclusion was:


AES with CAAM is faster than aes-generic in linux, but aes-arm is nearly as fast as the crypto accelerator. So there is no real benefit in using it.


Is this the expected Behaviour?


I would like to know if others have successfully used AES via imx CAAM and how fast it is for them. It's not officially supported on the Wandboard and maybe I did some major mistake in my porting affords. But it is on the SABRE platform, so there should be some data available.