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IMX6Q: Gigabit network problems (problems with 1000 mbps)

Question asked by Prasant J on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by GUEON YONG-JIN
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Hi All,


On my custom hardware board (design based on sabresd) I'm using linux 3.0.35_4.0.0 kernel release.


I'm experiencing network problems:

- ssh connection breaks / freezes

- The board does not get ip (very frequent)


My custom hardware uses Micrel's Gigabit Ethernet PHY KSZ9021RNI.

I'm using Cat 5E network cables (these support 1000 mbps speeds).


When I connect to a 100 mbit network switch so that the network link speed is 100 mbps, everything is fine. Network is stable, NEVER breaks. ALWAYS gets the ip.



I'm not able to figure out what is wrong. My suspicion is that imx6 cannot work on a gigabit network.

My application demands faster network speeds and I need to fix the problem. So I need to know the exact problem. Has anyone experienced similar issues ?


(I'm aware of the gigabit speed limitation of 470 mbps mentioned in the imx6Q errata. The errata says that the processor should work fine on a gigabit network with reduced throughput but I'm not sure how true is that statement. )



Can anyone provide any inputs on this topic ?



Thanks in advance!,