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New Tower FPGA module - product announcement.

Discussion created by Ewan Wordsworth on Feb 27, 2014

Hello Tower Geeks!


I'd like to introduce the FTM-3SE  FPGA Tower Module from Microbee Technology


The flexibility that programmable logic brings to hardware design has now arrived for the Freescale Tower System.


Now you can get even closer to your end product design through rapid prototyping by including FPGA design along

with your choice of processor and other system building blocks.


Basic product specs:

* Freescale Tower System compatible Xilinx Spartan 3E   (XC3S500E - PQG208) development board

  (Spartan3E 500K chosen as it is the largest I/O availability part in non-BGA package) 

  - Programmable via JTAG header, Load configuration from OnBoard Flash or  

    via the FlexBus interface on the Tower Edge connector in serial or parallel slave mode.   

  - Includes 2 x 16bit wide 1Mbyte 10ns srams (2Mb total)

  - 4 GPIO headers directly connected to the I/O pins of the Xilinx

  - 1 x Flexbus header (duplicates the signals on the Tower Edge connector)

  - 1 x EXP bus header (provides 8 bit expansion + 16 bit address + Control)

  - Able to be used within the Freescale Tower system or as a stand-alone board.


A full Product Brief is available for download at : http://www.microbeetechnology.com.au/downloads/FTM-3SE_ProductBrief.pdf


For further information, contact Microbee Technology - info@microbeetechnology.com.au


Ewan J. Wordsworth,

Director, Microbee Technology Pty Ltd.

Melbourne, Australia.