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SPI interrupt happens twice

Question asked by mehdikarimibiuki on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Raymundo Velarde

I have MK10DN512Z VLL10 with a bareboard project that has PE attached to it.

I have my SPI0 as my slave and sending data to it from outside.


1- I am not sure why the interrupt event "SlaveSPI0_OnBlockReceived" happens twice when I send data!

What I did, every time that I receive a 4 block data (each block is 16 bits), I see that the first time interrupt happens, and so I get the 4 block, but the second time that interrupt happens I don't have anything to pick and so it sends zeros only! But I only send 4 blocks from my master. I don't send 8 blocks at all.

Another thing I did in my interrupt event I flush the RX to make sure overflow is not a problem:


void SlaveSPI0_OnBlockReceived(LDD_TUserData *UserDataPtr)


  printf("==========ISR event: SPI0 receive a block=========\n");

  if ((IO_READ32(Rx0SPI0)) != 0)



  inbuff = (IO_READ32(Rx0SPI0)<<16);

  inbuff |= IO_READ32(Rx1SPI0);

  extended_inbuff = (IO_READ32(Rx2SPI0)<<16);

  extended_inbuff |= IO_READ32(Rx3SPI0);




  DataReceiveFlagSlave1 = TRUE;




and this is what I see in my shell:


==========ISR event: SPI0 receive a block========= (THIS IS FIRST TIME)

SR_SPI0 = 0x3344

RX0 = 0x1122    RX1 = 0x3344

RX2 = 0x5566    RX3 = 0x7788

==========ISR event: SPI0 receive a block========= (THIS IS SECOND TIME, HUH!!!)



2- I also looked into SPI0 Interrupt vector at address: 0xA8 and also the normal interrupt at address 0x84. I see that the values inside these vectors do not change, which is surprising to me!!! I expect these values change! Where can I look into what register or vector to see what is triggering the second interrupt?