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About SD2_CD_B and SD2_WP signal on i.MX6DL_SABRE-SDP

Question asked by yuuki on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by jimmychan

Would you teach about SD2_CD_B and SD2_WP signal on i.MX6DL_SABRE-SDP?


According to a reference manual,(IMX6SDLRM.pdf)
The SD2_CD_B of i.MX6DL is assigned to GPIO_4(ALT6)(pin R6).
And, the SD2_WP is assigned to GPIO_2(ALT6)(pin T1).


However, In i.MX6DL_SABRE-SDP, the NANDF_D2(pin F16) is used as SD2_CD_B signal.
And, the NANDF_D3(pin D17) is used as SD2_WP signal.
(I understand that these signals are controlled by GPIO.)


Would you teach the reason for not using pins in which these signals were assigned?


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