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step by step guide to cross compile OpenCV using meta toolchian (Yocto)

Question asked by Mahyar Yaghmaee on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by Andre Silva

Hi all,


I want to cross compile OpenCV library on an imx6 board using meta toolchain (Yocto)

Here's the steps I've done:

- building the meta toolchian

bitbake meta-toolchain

- building OpenCV image

bitbake opencv

-adding opencv to the image (adding opencv recipe) by changing the local config file

       opencv \

- building the toolchain again

bitbake meta-toolchain

- install the toolchain

sudo sh \ 

- setup the toolchain environment

source \ 



No I'm having a hard time cross compiling a sample openCV code.

I can see opencv libraries and include files on the Yocto directory (build directory) but I don't see them on /opt/poky/<version/ (which I guess is the directory for cross compilation)

( simple c code is compiled perfectly but there's no opencv libraries and include files to compile opencv)


is there a step I missed to build the toolchain to create openCV files?


any suggestions would be great