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Processor Expert component development/installation issue on older CodeWarrior.

Question asked by Taisuke Yamada on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by Petr_H



I'm now diving into the world of PEx/CDE, and having trouble using my component with older CW (CW for HCS12 v5.1, with PEx v3.02).


The problem is that it takes nearly 30minutes to install even a small (~20KB) PEupd file. It kind of works after that, but is simply a pain to use. Strange part is that the same PEupd file installs instantly and works fine on CW v10.5.


This only happens with the component I packaged, and does not happen with other PEupd files. For example, following installs and works just fine:


To troubleshoot this, I grabbed above S19 PEupd, imported into CDE on v10.5, and simply re-exported it. It doesn't work (works with v10.5, but painfully slow on v5.1).


Now, I re-imported above "painfully slow, re-packaged S19 PEupd" into CDE on v5.1 (this v5.1 is an eval edition, so CDE is enabled), and again did a re-re-export. Surprisingly, now it installs instantly and works fine on both v10.5 and v5.1 CW.


Whenever this "slow installation" issue occurs, PEx keeps showing a dialog with a progress meter saying "Gathering data about component".


After some investigations, I found that


  • For those that have this installation issue, they seem to go into "System" PEx folder (C:\Program Files\Freescale\CWS12v5.1\ProcessorExpert).
  • For others that install instantly, they go into "User" PXe folder (C:\ProgramData\Processor Expert\CW12_PE3_02).


My guess is installation to "System" PEx folder causes whole rebuild of component database, which takes time.


Is there any configuration I need to do to control this behavior?


I know CW v5.1 is outdated, but I'm still using HCS12 and I'm also wondering what I'm missing with my PEupd file, as other PEupd files installs just fine.


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