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i.MX25 Boot:Mysterious phenomenon

Discussion created by hitoshi ogasawara on Feb 25, 2014
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Dear Sir,


Our customers will have to question the behavior of the Boot "i.MX25".

Someone, the information!



I use DDR2.

Writing a 0xFFFF_FFFF to this 0x8000_0080 of DDR2, and asserted 'L' the POR_B.

Then, negates the 'H' in the POR_B within 1sec, I hope BOOT BOOT start but does not start.

The similar phenomenon Writing 0x0000_0000 the write value.

However, to start the BOOT is selected by writing "value 0xFFFF_FFFF, of 0x0000_0000 other than".

So I have a question.


By writing the 0x0000_0000 or 0xFFFF_FFFF to 0x8000_0080 address is protected?


When the Boot, Is there a 0x8000_0080 address that will affect?


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