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USBDM and Coldfire V1 Programmer for MCF51JM128 Target

Question asked by Jeffrey Berezin on Feb 24, 2014

I am receiving an error programming when it is nearly complete (progress bar past 3/4 way) with "Reason: Program data not within target flash memory"


I am using the latest version--4.10.0 for firmware and dll version 4.10.6100


I am using the included standalone Coldfire V1 Programmer with a known good S-record file which I have attached.


Since this is  128k part, I checked the cfv1_devices.xml file and could not find anything obviously wrong: (see below)


      <device family="CFV1" name="MCF51JM128" subfamily="MCF51JM">

         <clock registerAddress="0xFF8048" type="S08MCGV3" />

         <memoryRef ref="coldfire16K_Ram" />

         <memoryRef ref="coldfireIO" />

         <memory registerAddress="0xFF9820" type="flash" securityAddress="0x0400">

            <securityEntryRef ref="CFV1-default-security" />

            <memoryRange start="0x000000" size="128K" />


         <soptAddress value="0xFF9802" />

         <sdidAddress value="0xFF9806" />

         <sdid value="0x0C16" />

         <sdid value="0x0C17" />

         <tclScriptRef ref="CFV1-default-Scripts" />

         <flashProgramRef ref="CFV1-default-FlashProgram" />

         <projectActionListRef ref="Options-file-list-CFV1" />

         <projectActionListRef ref="Coldfire-V1-ProjectActions" />



Any help would be greatly appreciated.    I am using Wytec USBDM under Windows 7 64 bit.

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