MC9S08LC60-based board: Sinks too much current as soon as I connect the battery...

Discussion created by ONDER ARIK on Aug 15, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2007 by jansen jack
We designed a MC9S08LC60-based board and we have just received the PCBs.
1. On the PCB, we have just placed the MC9S08LC60 microcontroller, the BDM connector and battery connector. Nothing else.
2.  We have checked all the short circuits, especially around the MC9S08LC60 (IO pins etc.) , none detected.
3. We are using USB Multilink Interface from the PEMicro as BDM debugger. It is tested on other demo boards.
4. We have connected the USB Multilink to the board. Battery not connected yet.
5. Then we have connected the battery, the BDM works okay, we start programming the flash for the first time.
6. Then a few seconds later, the programming interrupted due to power loss.
7. When we have checked, we have seen that the MC9S08LC60 sinking too much current somehow. (around 100mA).
8. In the next trial, we did not connect the BDM. Just connected the battery. Still consumes too much current.
9. Note that, all LCD related pins are floating since we do not use any LCD. In fact, all IO pins are floating, there is no other components on the board yet.
We need your urgent help at this point