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Standalone program to test Ethernet in I.MX28 using internal RAM

Question asked by Ram Ramasamy on Feb 24, 2014



I am trying to test Ethernet using standalone program without using any OS. I designed a new board based on I.MX28EVK and want to test ethernet. I tried ODBS to test the Ethernet and it works fine but it using ddr2. So, I just added Ethernet driver files from ODBS to my standalone program and when i am trying to test, it showing error as follows


ENET0<->ENET1 loopback test

Please make sure cross-switch Ethernet cable (typically red) is present


enet phy status 0: 782d

FEC 0: [ FULL_DUPLEX ] [ connected ] [ 100M bps ]

ENET link status check PASS

send packet Enet0->Enet1

enet0 tx ok

enet1 rx fail

Ethernet Failed

cycle pass


I attached the program for your reference. I don't know what am missing while adding Ethernet driver file to my standalone program. Can anyone please give suggestion to solve this problem.

Original Attachment has been moved to: Ethernet_test.rar