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Initialization of Reset pin for MKL15Z64VTF4 with Codewarrior (rev. 10.3) and Processor Expert

Question asked by Sebastiano Restifo on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Sebastiano Restifo

Hello everybody,


I have the following specific question relevant to the way Processor Expert initializes the Reset pin for the MKL15Z64VTF4 microcontroller.


I want this pin to be used as Reset pin, then let Processor Expert auto-generate the code.


This is what I get (I am only reporting the code snippet of interest):


  /* PORTA_PCR20: ISF=0,MUX=7 */

  PORTA_PCR20 = (uint32_t)((PORTA_PCR20 & (uint32_t)~(uint32_t)(


                )) | (uint32_t)(




which is basically equivalent to:

PORTA_PCR20 = 0x00000700;  /* ISF = 0, MUX = 7 */    <== this sets the Alternative 7 configuration


Now, according to the latest version of the datasheet of this microcontroller (rev. 3, 9/19/2012) available on the Freescale website, the PTA20 pin only considers the following two initialization possibilities:


- Default (RESET_b)

- ALT1 (PTA20)


Therefore, no ALT7 initialization is mentioned in the Datasheet.


Should the Datasheet be updated or there is an error in the Processor Expert?