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Configure i2s as slave mode in twrk60d100m

Question asked by Shihab Thadathil on Feb 24, 2014



We are planning to establish a connection between 2 TWR_K60_100M modules via I2S. We configured one as master and other as slave.

We connected the SSI_CLK, SSI_FS, SSI_TX of master to RX of slave and SSI_RX of master to TX of slave.

But the slave is not receiving any data from master and it is hanging in receive section.

We checked the TX_ClK and TX_Data pin of master using CRO and we can see the clock and data going out from master twr.

Please let us know how we can configure k60 as I2S slave and send some data to the master tower module.

Please check the attachment for our MQX I2S project which can be used for both master and slave by just changing the #define to 1 or 0.




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