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New to Code warrior IDE and Kinetis ... I Have Some questions regarding it ?

Question asked by Siva Kumar Anantharaman on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by Siva Kumar Anantharaman

Hi all ,


     I am new to Code Warrior ide and Kinetis microcontrollers. Have so many doubts regarding to it.


1. What is Clean and when we clean what happens in the background ?


2. What is the difference between build all and build project ?

3. What is mean by .afx file ? how to create it  and when to create it ?


4. What is mean by .elf file or .abs file and how to create it  ?


5. Which file to be loaded into the target for debugging ?

6. What are S19 files (S-record files) ? When they are created during the compilation process ?


7. Need to study about the MQX rtos from basic, Which guide to follow ?


   Please help with the above questions and also mention the reference file from where you have got it ?


Most of all, If I need to know the meaning of all the words that are used in the Code Warrior IDE , Which Guide or Manual I need to refer to get the answer for all the words.



Thanks in Advance


Siva Kumar A