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make a DZ128 CAN Bootloader

Question asked by Jeremy Wang on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Ralph Wuppinger

Dear all:

       I'm making a CAN Bootloader for mcs08dz128.

       I have few questions about write flash in address:0xFF80~0xFFFF.

        1). About Vector redirection,the address:0xFFBF,it's NVOPT=0x02,I know it should be set the FNORED bit to 0,&0xFFBD,it's NVPROT = FD,I set 0xE000~0xFFFF is protected.

         Question:Should I set that in bootload progrom or in app progrom?or both.

                       When i need write those address from read .s19,how should I do?

        2).The 0xFFFE~0xFFFF,it's reset by system?.s19 file has message to rewrite this address, should I egnore this address opreation?

        3).0xFF80~0xFFFF,It's interrupt there anyone who know How to operate those address clearly?Give me favour,please!