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CPRI configurations in external loopback mode

Question asked by Thanh Pham on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by lunminliang

I am newbie on using CodeWarrior and Freescale B4860 board. While configuring and deploying a test with CPRI external loopback, I got a trouble relating setup VSC 3316 mux table (described in B4860 CPRI multicore demo) and configure the RCW. For details, I can not find any information about the  VSC 3316 mux table in any Freescale specification document. Hence it is hard for me to change the table setting. About the Reset Configuration Word (RCW), could anyone list here the steps to change the value in 512 bits of it ? Which tools should I use ? I guess that the only way to change RCW is using Flash Programmer, is it right ?

Thanks a lot.


Thanh Pham