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Does ATD on 9s12 round or truncate?

Question asked by James Smith on Feb 23, 2014
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I'm trying to determine whether the binary search algorithm mentioned in the 9s12 documentation rounds or truncates signals into the analogue to digital converter (ATD).  I was reading through the MC9S12C Family Data Sheet (MC9S12C Family Rev. 1.15 7/2005) and it says "By following a binary search algorithm, the A/D machine locates the approximating potential that is nearest to the sampled potential."  There's not a whole lot of detail as to how it actually does this.  If the voltage signal corresponded to a 10bit-configured ATD output of 988.8, would it truncate it down to 988 or round up to 989?  Any pointer to an official document that explains this would be much appreciated.