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FRDM-kl25z problem when hardcoding I2C for MMA8451Q module

Question asked by Humberto Aboud Torres Lobo on Feb 22, 2014



I'm trying to use the MMA8451Q accelerometer with I2C communication. I don't want to use process expert. I've studied closely the I2C module for kinetics family from the kl25z manuel and the MMA8451Q from the Data Sheet


I've studied the code generated from process expert, but it uses interruption so it is a little bit different, making the comparison between the programs harder.

My code is attached, it is small, simple and I commented it to help the comprehension. I'm will be really glad to answer any doubts about it. When I run it, my read function only returns 0xff or 0x00 from the I2C0_D, no matter what.


Does anyone has harcoded this before or know what can be wrong with it? I would appreciate any help on that.




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