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imx6Solo/DL NAND BOOT without kobs-ng and no linux kernel

Question asked by Jayne Dickinson on Feb 21, 2014



I am trying to boot a custom imx6Solo board from NAND , I don't have a linux kernel running yet ... so I am modifying

u-boot 2013.04 tools/mxsboot.c to properly setup the 4 FCB blocks, 4 DBBT blocks, and boot data ( 1024 spare data , IVT, boot_app, DCD )


I can boot using the imx_usb tool ( serial downloader )


I am using a SPANSION S34ML02G1 NAND chip ( 256Mbytes ) with the GPMI interface for the iMX6Solo processor.

I've included my DCD table , my configs, my u-boot board init


I've confirmed the CCM clock settings

I've confirmed some of the NAND settings with Spansion ( I'm still trying to get more information in case the preamble delays are incorrect

I can run u-boot after the imx_usb transfers the u-boot.fcb , I can read and write back to NAND without issue


So I am wondering what other magic sauce I need... anyone done this without kobs_ng ,

Eventually I will be running Freescale's Yocto 3.10.17-1.0.0_beta with my mods...


I got my u-boot from the Freescale Yocto 3.10.17-1.0.0_beta ... wondering if I need to use u-boot 2013.10 since I've seen multiple

updates for the drivers/mtd/nand/mxs_nand.c driver... hmmm


Any help would be most appreciated.



Message was edited by: Jayne Dickinson  THought I should send my u-boot.fcb file that I transfer to my board  Then I do the following commands  nand erase.chip tftp 17890000 u-boot.fcb nand write 17890000 0 300000

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