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USB MSD Bootloader: which Kinetis to choose?

Question asked by Giuseppe Modugno on Feb 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2014 by adt 123

I want to use a Kinetis microcontroller where I'll implement a USB MSD bootloader as descripted in th AN4368.


I prefer not to use a "too big" and "too expensive" micro for that, so the question is: what is the minimum Kinetis micro that supports a USB MSD bootloader? The application shouldn't take too much Flash space.


After reading AN4368, I understand USB MSD bootloader takes about 64KB. So I have to choose a microcontroller with a Flash memory greater than 64KB... is it correct?


I'm also reading about many problems implementing USB MSD bootloader on K20... should I avoid it and choose K60 as in the application note?