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Using SynchroMaster and PWM Components for MC13213

Question asked by Pinakin Munot on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Cristian Zamfirescu

Hello all !


I have designed a custom hardware for MC13213, which uses a Grounded Plane, Inverted F Antenna.

My application requires:

- Data transfer using the inbuilt Modem.

- Using PWM channels of Timer PWM Module 2, from MC13213.


- For Data transmission, I tried using the SynchroMaster component for SPI, that is present in ProcessorExpert.

  The resulting code works well in Debug Mode and I can see the transmitted data in the SPI output Buffer in Chip View.

- When I Flash it on my Hardware, how can I check whether the code is running and modem is active ?

- I tried using PWM Components on the required pins of hardware. However, if I set the initial polarity of the component as high or low, the code simulates properly, with toggling of the pin value (in Chip View).

- But, when I flashed it onto my hardware, the corresponding pin remains tied to the initial value that is set in software.

There is no toggling of the pin. So no PWM can be observed.

Kindly let me know how to address the above issues.

I have been stuck at this point since the last few days and it will be very helpful if they are be resolved.

Thanks in Advance !


- Pinakin.