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HCS12_FlashProgrammer error.

Question asked by Padelis Floudas on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by Padelis Floudas

Hi when trying to reprogram a t64 variant of 9S12 i get the following error :
Programming of the target flash failed!

Reason: Internal program error - please report.


The software detects the mcu correctly and it finds that it is secured. The bus frequency is correct and i choose "mass erase" from the dropdown menu.

I am using a .s19 file.

What could be the fault?


This is the entry that i created in hcs12_devices.xml

<device family="HCS12" name="MC9S12T64">
     <clock type="External" />
     <memory type="ram">
        <memoryRange start="0x0800" end="0x0FFF" />
     <memory pageAddress="0x0030" registerAddress="0x0100" type="flash" securityAddress="0xFF00" sectorSize="1024" >
        <securityEntryRef ref="HCS12-default-security" />
        <memoryRange start="0x1000" end="0x3FFF" />            <!--  Fixed 0x3D partial -->
        <memoryRange start="0x4000" end="0x7FFF" />            <!--  Fixed 0x3E -->
        <memoryRange start="0x8000" end="0xBFFF" pages="64K"  pageEnd="0x3F" />
        <memoryRange start="0xC000" end="0xFFFF" />            <!--  Fixed 0x3F -->
     <sdid value="0x4220" />
     <flashProgramRef ref="HCS12-MMCV4-FTS-flash-program" />