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Linker  ERROR L1102

Question asked by Sangram Mali on Aug 15, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2007 by bigmac
Hello everybody,
                          I am using 9S08DZ60 microcontroller . What changes you will suggest for following .prm file of 68HC08AZ60 to mak eit work for 9S08DZ60.
    Z_RAM = READ_WRITE      0x0050 TO 0x005F; 
    MY_STACK = READ_WRITE    0x0070 TO 0x00DF;      
    RAM_TUC2 = READ_WRITE     0x00E0 TO 0x00EF;
    RAM_2 = READ_WRITE         0x00F0 TO 0x041F; 
    RAM_3 = READ_WRITE         0x0420 TO 0x049F; 
    RAM_4 = READ_WRITE         0x04A0 TO 0x051F; 
    RAM_5 = READ_WRITE         0x0520 TO 0x059F; 
    RAM_6 = READ_WRITE         0x05A0 TO 0x061F; 
    RAM_7a = READ_WRITE        0x0620 TO 0x069F;
    RAM_7b = READ_WRITE        0x06A0 TO 0x071F; 
    RAM_8 = READ_WRITE         0x0720 TO 0x079F; 
    RAM_H_1 = READ_WRITE       0x0A00 TO 0x0A7F;  
    RAM_H_2 = READ_WRITE       0x0A80 TO 0x0AFF; 
    RAM_H_3 = READ_WRITE       0x0B00 TO 0x0B7F;  
    RAM_H_4 = READ_WRITE       0x0B80 TO 0x0BFF;  
    RAM_H_5 = READ_WRITE       0x0C00 TO 0x0C7F; 
    RAM_H_6 = READ_WRITE       0x0C80 TO 0x0CFF; 
    RAM_H_7 = READ_WRITE       0x0D00 TO 0x0D7F; 
    RAM_H_8 = READ_WRITE       0x0D80 TO 0x0DFF; 
    ROM_60 = READ_ONLY         0x2000 TO 0x3FFF;   
    ROM_48 = READ_ONLY       0x4000 TO 0x7FFF;        
    ROM_RGT_TUC = READ_ONLY   0x8000 TO 0xA6FF;    
    ROM_ADAP_TUC = READ_ONLY  0xA700 TO 0xAAFF;                      
    ROM_24 = READ_ONLY      0xAB00 TO 0xB5FF; 
    CODE_ROM1 =READ_ONLY      0xB600 TO 0xB602;
    CODE_ROM2 =READ_ONLY      0xB603 TO 0xB605; 
    CODE_ROM3 =READ_ONLY      0xB606 TO 0xB608; 
    CODE_ROM4 =READ_ONLY      0xB609 TO 0xB60B; 
    CODE_ROM5 =READ_ONLY      0xB60C TO 0xB60E;
    CODE_ROM6 =READ_ONLY      0xB60F TO 0xB611; 
    REST_ROM  =READ_ONLY    0xB612 TO 0xB6FF;     
    MY_ROM = READ_ONLY       0xB700 TO 0xEF5F;  
    FLASH_ROM = READ_ONLY     0xEF60 TO 0xFDFF;    
I am getting this error
Error [PM9]: Output file main.abs (Dir:c:\win16app\hiware\sourcecode\outputs\) was not generated. (doesn't exist).
ERROR L1102: Out of allocation space in segment RAM_2 at address 0x13F
As i know RAM_2 is not big enough. But, when i increase  size for that segment, It gives error for another segment.. like fix up  overflow  error L1907...
How can I cope with this kind of problem.. please suggest any document to read...
Thanks in advance