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S08MP16 HSCMP to FTM2 synchronisation help required

Question asked by Abhijit Jagtap on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by Weiping Xu



I am pretty amazed by the power of this 8-bit device and now i am replacing most of my SH8's and QG8's  with a MP16.


I need a few pointers or any help from learned members (in form of a snippet is most appreciated)


I have a MOSFET H-Bridge which i drive in 2 modes.

Mode-1 : Inverter mode in which all 4 MOSFETs generate a PWM Sine Wave

Mode-2 : Charge mode , in which the bottom FETs are switching to make a Boost converter. The PWM for these FETs is synced to Mains.


Mode-1 is complete now i have to get Mode-2 up and running.

I am planning to use a HSCMPx input to trigger the FTM2 (which is generating these PWM waveforms).

Please guide me how to get this done


Thanks and regards