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Need help to set d4dtchhw_kinetis_adc_cfg !

Question asked by Jems Lesco on Feb 19, 2014
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I'm using a K70 with CW and PE. I' m trying to drive a display with  touchscreen. The display works fine but I have some problem with the touchscreen. I'm using the D4D and my problem is at the begining of the d4dtchhw_kinetis_adc_cfg ! The exemple of the cfg made for the kinetis K60 include :


                               #define D4DTCH_X_PLUS_DDR   GPIOB_POER  // Output enable register


I was looking in the reference manual of the K60 but nothing about this GPIOB_POER  !  Couldn' be the PSOR register ?


If someone as already use D4D with the K70 to control touchscreen I will be glad to have some details about the cfg  !


thanks a lot !