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System will not resume from suspend to memory with PCIE enabled

Question asked by Scott Warner on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by Wally Yeh

This is on an i.MX6Solo custom board based on the sabresd, running the yocto dora 3.10.9_alpha kernel.  Suspend/Resume from suspend to memory was working fine until PCIE was enabled.  With PCIE enabled most times the resume fails during the noirq resume of device, in the pcie driver.  It will sometimes wake, but most times it hangs at the first read of the pcie's own config space as part of the pci_power_up call where it's updating the current state, it's trying to read PM_CTRL register to update the power state.  I've tested the same thing on the sabresd board and it runs fine there, it also ran fine on the custom board with the 3.0.35 kernel.  The problem occurs with and without a card plugged into the pcie slot.  Any ideas on what may cause this?