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IMX53 USB OTG Host mode.

Discussion created by Daniel Sliwka on Feb 18, 2014
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Hi ! We have developed custom board based on IMX53 QSB rev B.

Is there any way to force USB OTG in Host mode when linux runs without physically grounding USB OTG ID pin ?

We would like to get both USB and USB OTG to be Hosts when system runs.

But we would be happy to leave possibility to read USB OTG ID pin  to be device mode only when in serial boot dowload mode for MfgTool (before u-boot and kernel starts).

Solution would be forcing USB OTG in software to be host somwhere inside u-boot or system kernel ?

Some ideas where to search in u-boot or kernel files ? 


u-boot - patched 2009.08-dirty

kernel - Linux


Thanks A Lot !