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i.MX6 Internal Boot from SPI Stuck in ROM

Question asked by Geisreiter Andreas on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by Kris Roh

We have developed a custom board with an i.MX6D and I've been trying to get it to load from the SPI NOR and it seems to be stuck in the ROM.  It is supposed to be in Internal Boot mode and loading from CS0 on eCSPI1.  I'm able to attach JTAG while it is stuck in the ROM and I can verify the following:

  • SRC_SBMR2 = 0x32000001, so BOOT_MODE[1:0] is set to internal boot and BT_FUSE_SEL isn't set.
  • SRC_SBMR1 = 0xC8005830:
    • BOOT_CFG1 = 0x30 which the documentation says is for serial boot.
    • BOOT_CFG4 = 0xC8 which should be chip select 0, 3 byte addressing, and eCSPI1.

I have connected oscilloscope to the SPI lines. If I program the SPI Flash with our JTAG Debugger´I can see SPI commands on the bus. If I turn on the power supply of our board dont see anything on the SPI bus...

If I start up with the JTAG debugger also nothing happens on the SPI bus and I can see, that i.MX6 stuck in ROM code if I call brake.


Has anyone an idea what's going wrong?